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Jenn Philips

We will have Small Reading Groups on Monday and Tuesday at 12:15 and 12:45 (there are a few changes to the groups).

We will have Small Math Groups on Thursday and Friday at 12:15 and 12:45.


Monday - Scholastic News and Mystery Doug


Tuesday - Green Interactive Science Book


Wednesday- 9:30 All 1st Grade Art Project and 10:30 Library


Thursday- Viking of the Week Letter and Scholastic News


Friday- 9:50 Music and Weather Packet Science

Posted 2/21/21

I am continuing individual RAP reading assessments every afternoon this week.


Tuesday- Chinese New Year slideshow and story

10:15-10:45 Illuminate Math Online  Assessments


Wednesday- Chinese New Year Activities and Writer's Workshop


Thursday- Science and Scholastic News


Friday- Reading Buddies and Weather Science Packet

Posted 2/15/21