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Student of the Week

A student of the week will be selected on Friday and a poster will be sent home to decorate and share the following Monday (or Tuesday if Monday is a holiday).  Students are encouraged to bring a special item to share with the class with the poster that Monday/Tuesday  that tells a bit more about themselves.  These items can range from a picture, to a small toy or stuffed item.   


If your child wants to share a sibling or a parent please contact me for a time during the week to visit.  

Darlene Wehrlie

Welcome to D5 Second Grade!

Look for an email soon for conference sign up times.  

D5 Classroom Expectations

In addition to our Valle Verde expectations for appropriate behavior, the following expectations are specific to our D5 learning environment.

Students will:

  1. Follow directions the first time they are given
  2. Hands, feet, and objects to yourself
  3. Keep your voice to an inside working level
  4. Follow classroom procedures and school rules

In our classroom students are expected to come to class Ready to Learn, however occasionally students may need a warning and be redirected to Make Better Choices. Students will have a 4 color card system.  

I'm having a good day. - Green

I need a warning. - Yellow

I have to lose recess. - Orange

We are talking to Mom & Dad. - Red


Card is changed to Red if student is unable to maintain appropriate behavior for their learning or the learning of others.  If this occurs the student may need to conference with the Principal.  If a student is moving their card to Red consequences, parents will be notified to ensure fluid communication between school and home. If behavior is unsafe and poses a danger to self or others, immediate actions will be taken to correct behavior and involve the Principal and parent to redirect so that learning can continue as soon as possible.


The following day all behavior cards are returned to Green to begin again.

D5 Homework Policy

Homework in the D5 will be given most nights throughout the week. Homework is an assessment piece which will reflect in your student’s grade. Lack of homework is a reflection of a behavioral issue. Homework assignments are designed to enhance that which is learned in the classroom. Students are expected to read for 20 minutes each night in their AR books and take AR tests regularly in class.  iReady lessons (one of each), and IXL lessons are expected to be done each week. Students will also have some class time to work on these, but they are mainly to be accomplished at home. All homework is to be returned the following day. If homework is not completed when school begins then recess detention will be given in order for work to be done. Work not turned in at all will result in a score of a zero.


Sickness happens! There will be no penalty for missed work due to sickness. If your child will be out of class for more than two days please make arrangements to pick up his/her work. Work will not be gathered & sent home work for one day missed. Due dates will be arranged by the teacher and the student, usually one day given to make up the work for each day absent. If work is not returned on the predetermined date(s) (by teacher and student), the above stated consequences will be in effect. Independent Study Contracts may be obtained from the office if your child will be out for five (5) or more days. Please allow two weeks advance notice for contract to be compiled.


Duane's Videos: often used in Math to help with Engage New York. Select current module and lesson.


50 states for bonus words!



The World Atlas for bonus words!



All research




Additional links will be shared as the year progresses

About Ms. Wehrlie

My Career: 
I am thrilled to be returning to our Valle Verde community!
This is my 22nd year in education, most of which have been in the upper grades.
Other classroom experiences grades 1-8. 
I have also spent many years as a private tutor.

My Education: 
Educational Leadership Program: Certificate of Eligibility for
the Administrative Services Credential from St. Mary’s College of California;
M.A. Liberal Studies from St. Mary’s College of California
Multiple Subjects Teaching Credential with Cross Cultural Language 
Acquisition & Development (CLAD) Emphasis from Holy Names College, Oakland, 
B.A. Liberal Studies; Minor: Philosophy;   Concentration: Linguistics from
Holy Names College,  Oakland, CA; 

Personal Snapshot:  
I have a beautiful daughter who is simply my joy!  We love
hanging out with our dog and traveling.  When I have a spare minute or two I
like reading, working on the computer, sewing, attempting a vast array of home
improvement projects, traveling, the beach, and crocheting. I am known
as "Auntie Dar" by my friend's kids and love spending time with them and my
nephews and God-Daughters.  

Community Involvement & Goals:  I am involved in a few ministries at my
church. One day I hope to continue my studies & work toward my PhD in History or 
an MA in Social Work to work specifically with creating families through adoption.


ADVENTURE book  report due 12/18




Monthly Character Trait / Life Skill



Spirit Wear Every Friday!